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    The initiative to promote Responsible Artificial Intelligence, created by those who use it

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      Positive AI: the initiative to implement Responsible Artificial Intelligence and make it accessible to all organizations

      Over a few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the heart of scientific, technical and human progress and is now deployed in all economic, institutional and industrial processes.  Although it brings opportunities and progress, AI also raises questions for people and public authorities, and demands ethics and transparency. Companies, which are the first instance in the development and deployment of AI, have a major role to play to ensure that artificial intelligence combines its potential for innovation with respect for human rights. To respond to and face up to these challenges, the Positive AI initiative was born, to put ethical AI into practice and make it accessible to all organizations.
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      A common ambition: to advance Responsible AI

      Although public and European institutions have initiated an important debate on the management of AI systems, today it is difficult for organizations to implement the recommendations on Responsible AI. Against this background, Positive AI aims to provide companies with the tools to implement Responsible AI, in particular via the label and its reference framework, and to offer managers and data experts a space to share and reflect, so that collective progress can be made on these issues of responsibility. Positive AI is therefore calling on all companies and voluntary organizations that manage and/or develop AI systems, whatever their level of maturity, sector or profession, to join the association and support the development of Responsible Artificial Intelligence.


    "Ultimately, our ambition is for Positive AI to become a benchmark in France and in Europe, for all those who wish to develop ethical artificial intelligence that respects society. Positive AI is open to other companies of all sizes that would like to commit to this road towards Responsible AI and who share our conviction and vision for the positive use of this innovation in companies.

    Laetitia Orsini Sharps, CEO of the Positive AI Association

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      The Positive AI label and its reference framework to promote ethics in AI

      The Positive AI label consists of a technical reference framework and operational tools that will provide organizations with practical tools to both exploit artificial intelligence as a lever for innovation and control the associated risks. It is aimed at all companies that manage and/or develop artificial intelligence systems and wish to voluntarily commit to a trusted AI approach.  Ultimately, the ambition of Positive AI is for this label to become a benchmark in France and in Europe, for all those who wish to develop Responsible Artificial Intelligence that respects society. Would you like to apply? Contact us to find out the opening date for applications (during 2023 - date to come).