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Our vision of Responsible AI

Artificial intelligence offers considerable potential for driving innovation and represents an opportunity in many fields (task automation, creative assistance, human resources management, marketing, customer relations, financial analysis, medicine…). However, to take full advantage of its potential, AI must act as a positive driver of technological and social progress, without ever compromising human rights (Privacy, Discrimination, Transparency of decisions…). 


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By joining Positive AI, member companies and organizations participate in the construction of Responsible Artificial Intelligence while gaining access to the resources needed to implement it within their companies themselves. Acting now in favor of Responsible AI means limiting ethical risks, guaranteeing respect for human rights, and ensuring the sustainability of your investments in artificial intelligence by anticipating changes in national and European regulatory expectations under the AI ACT.

    More specifically, you would like to : 

    • Evaluate and improve the ethics of your AI algorithms / systems with gains in terms of performance, business and image?
    • Develop an ethical and responsible AI culture within your company, and enhance your employer brand among current and future employees who share these values?
    • Anticipate European regulations, limit the financial risks of AI system compliance, reputation and loss of trust among customers and employees?
    • Reassure your customers and/or suppliers in your ability to build AI systems within an ethical and regulatory framework?
    • Implement data and algorithm governance that guarantees transparency and the fundamental rights of your employees and customers?


    Who is the community for ?

    The Positive AI Community brings together employees of the association’s member companies, in particular those who manage or develop AI on a daily basis:


    • Data scientists / data “practitioners” (data analysts, engineering, technical security, auditors, etc.) directly involved in the development of AI systems,
    • Users who directly or indirectly use AI (Human Resources, etc.)
    • Decision makers for AI systems (governance)
    • Regulators (lawyers, security, “compliance”, etc.),
    • C-Levels, business leaders, execs
    • CSR managers

    We invite you to fill in the following contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your membership project.

    In addition, membership of the association gives all relevant employees of the member company access to Positive AI’s various services and activities:

    • The Positive AI Community

    a community of several hundred experts where you can cross-fertilize your experience and make progress through collective intelligence.

    • A set of training courses

    designed in collaboration with DataScientest to provide managers, data experts and employees with the skills and knowledge required for the governance and ethical implementation of AI.

    • The Positive AI label

    to recognize the work undertaken by companies and certify their continuous progress approach.

    • A repository

    for asking the right questions about each of the major requirements of Responsible Artificial Intelligence, and identifying the right tools to meet them.

    • The diagnostic flash

    to quickly assess your company’s maturity and provide initial recommendations for progress.

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