Who are we ?

The Positive AI association

Positive AI is a non-profit association that brings together a community of companies and organizations committed to Responsible, Concrete and Applicable Artificial Intelligence.

Initiated by BCG X, L’Oréal, Malakoff Humanis and Orange, the association’s mission is to enlighten, support and co-construct with its members a responsible practice of AI.

Positive AI offers its members the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to:

• The Positive AI Community

a community of several hundred AI experts to cross-fertilize experiences and progress through collective intelligence.

• A set of training courses

designed in collaboration with Data Scientest to provide managers, data experts and employees with the skills and knowledge required for the governance and ethical implementation of AI.

• The Positive AI label

to recognize the work undertaken by companies and certify their continuous progress approach.

A repository

for asking the right questions about each of the major requirements of Responsible Artificial Intelligence, and identifying the right tools to meet them.

• The Diagnostic Flash

to quickly assess your company’s maturity and provide initial recommendations for progress.

“Positive AI helps organizations move from theory to putting Responsible AI into practice.”


Our founding members