The independent panel of experts on artificial intelligence and ethics

To make sure that the Positive AI Association meets society’s expectations and continues to build up its technical reference framework, it has chosen to be supported by an independent panel of experts on artificial intelligence and ethics. This is made up of university researchers and scientists known for their research into artificial intelligence.

Members of the panel


The independent panel of experts on AI and ethics that supports Positive AI consists of three figures who are known in society for their research into AI and its implications for society:

  • Raja Chatila, Professor Emeritus of Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, Robotics and IT at Sorbonne University;
  • Caroline Lequesne, Associate Professor in Public Law, Director of the Master II in Algorithmic Law and Data Governance at the Université Côte d’Azur;
  • Bertrand Braunschweig, Scientific Coordinator of the program.

These three specialized and complementary figures, who have been with Positive AI since its creation, share their knowledge and experience to support the association in its work. They share values and a common objective: to put in place measures for the development, use and responsible governance of artificial intelligence.

In practical terms, following the initial work on ensuring an auditable technical reference framework for Positive AI, the independent panel of experts was consulted to verify its quality, consistency and completeness. Thanks to the panel’s observations, Positive AI has been able to add to this framework and the methods used to assess the level of maturity of companies in this field.

The expert panel is an independent advisory committee entrusted with examining the actions proposed by the association in the field of Responsible AI. It steers the course of Positive AI, drawing on its in-depth knowledge of AI ethics and the diverse skills of each of its members.

Role and missions

The panel of experts is an external and independent body that feeds back its assessments to the Positive AI association in the form of regular advisory opinions. It steers the association’s course by drawing on its in-depth knowledge of AI ethics and the diverse skills of each of its members.

Its remit is to shed light on actions proposed relating to Responsible Artificial Intelligence. By taking the interests of civil society into consideration, this panel is therefore a guarantor for informed and objective feedback on the measures proposed by Positive AI and is involved in developing more suitable, effective and flexible processes to encourage the use of Responsible Artificial Intelligence in businesses.

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