The Positive AI Community

To encourage collective intelligence, Positive AI offers a dedicated space where member companies can exchange feedback, practices and questions on the issue of artificial intelligence and its responsible application in business.

Positive AI Community,

the community for progress on Responsible AI

Through this community, we aim to offer Positive AI’s members a genuine center for resources and exchanges to improve and practice Responsible AI(informative content, events, tools…). In particular, we offer:

  • Webinars on topics related to AI, its advances and ethical issues, regulatory developments (for example: the impact of generative AI on jobs, the progress of the AI ACT…),
  • Workshops on specific business topics, to help participants become acculturated to AI Responsible, practice it collectively, and benefit from real-life case studies (e.g.: what tools are needed to assess the risk level of AI systems…).

These webinars and workshops are led by experts from the community and/or contributors from outside the Positive AI’s association. Each member can also contribute to working groups, webinars, events, via our collaboration platform.


Why join the community?


The community aims to encourage the sharing of best practices, benefit from cross-experiences between members and facilitate access to existing knowledge and tools for applying Responsible AI in business.  Our members benefit from:

  • Informative and educational content on Responsible AI
  • Advice and input from recognized experts in the field on how to implement ethical AI
  • Feedback and networking between data professionals from different sectors/businesses
  • A collective intelligence approach, through workshops and webinars, to co-construct Responsible AI at the service of businesses.

By joining Positive AI and its community, companies are thus helping to spread a better culture of Responsible AI at all levels of the organization.


Who is the community for?


The Positive AI Community brings together employees of the association’s member companies, in particular those who manage or develop AI on a daily basis:

  • Data scientists / data “practitioners” (data analysts, engineering, technical security, auditors,…) directly involved in the development of AI systems,
  • Users who make direct or indirect use of AI (Human Resources, etc.)
  • Decision-makers for AI systems (governance)
  • Regulators (legal, security, compliance, etc.),
  • C-Levels, company directors, execs
  • CSR managers

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