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Four key AI players, BCG GAMMA, L'Oréal, Malakoff Humanis and Orange France, have joined forces to make Responsible Artificial Intelligence tangible and accessible for all companies. The first result of this collaboration is the creation of Positive AI, an initiative to promote Responsible AI, created by those who practice it. The initiative also aims to be a space for debating and sharing ideas on best practices in order to provide organizations with tangible support in the implementation of ethical AI.

From ethical AI as an idea to the creation of the Positive AI initiative

Aware of the many challenges to be overcome if Responsible AI is to come to fruition, four key players in the industry, BCG GAMMA, L'Oréal, Malakoff Humanis and Orange France, have shared their knowledge and pooled their experience and talents to work together and create Positive AI, a global initiative for ethical AI.

The association's mission is threefold:

  • Supply companies with the tools to establish lasting Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

  • Offer companies a space for idea sharing and dialog: sharing best practices, tools and questions is essential if progress is to be made on ethical and Responsible AI.

  • Contribute to the public debate on the regulation and prospects of AI by getting closer to other public and private actors in France and elsewhere, in order to pool advances made and create a common approach at European level.

"Positive AI aims to create a space for discussion, work, and tangible, shared tools, for companies wishing to deploy Responsible AI. This approach is in line with the proposals of the public authorities and aims to make them practicable. Ultimately, our ambition is for this label to become a benchmark in France and in Europe, for all those who wish to develop ethical artificial intelligence that respects society. Positive AI is open to other companies of all sizes that would like to commit to this road towards Responsible AI and who share our conviction and vision for the positive use of this innovation in companies." Laetitia Orsini Sharps, CEO of the Positive AI association.


    “Positive AI ambitionne de créer un espace d’échange, de travail, et des outils concrets et partagés, dédiés aux entreprises qui souhaitent déployer une IA Responsable. Cette démarche s’inscrit dans les propositions des pouvoirs publics et vise à les rendre opérationnelles. À terme, notre ambition est que ce label devienne une référence, en France et en Europe pour tous ceux qui souhaitent développer une Intelligence Artificielle éthique et respectueuse de la société. Positive AI a vocation à accueillir d’autres entreprises de toutes tailles qui souhaiteraient s’engager dans cette démarche vers une IA Responsable et qui partagent notre conviction d’une vision positive de l’utilisation de cette innovation dans les entreprises.” , Laetitia Orsini Sharps, présidente de l’association Positive AI.
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      The Positive AI label: the association's first practical tool for Responsible Artificial Intelligence

      The Positive AI label is the outcome of the collaboration between the association's four founding companies. It consists of a technical reference framework and operational tools that will provide organizations with practical tools to both use artificial intelligence as a lever for innovation and control the associated ethical risks. It has been devised on three successive tiers, to promote the establishment of Responsible AI and make this practice accessible to all organizations.
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