Positive AI Community #1: Looking back at the webinar on Generative AI in business

intelligence artificielle generative
On June 23, the Positive AI Community held its first event: a webinar that brought together more than a hundred employees from member companies of the association. At this event, Faycal Boujemaa, Technology Strategist and Engineer at Orange's Innovation, Data and AI department, voiced his thoughts on the innovations made possible by generative AI tools and on the courses of action to promote the adoption of these tools in business. Increasingly popular with organizations, generative AI has immediate relevance to the topic of Responsible AI.   

Generative AI: from disruptive innovation to the need to ensure responsible use in business

For the Positive AI Community's first event, Positive AI chose to devote this webinar to the subject of generative AI – a hot topic in the world of technology since the beginning of the year. To illustrate this craze, the conversational agent ChatGPT already had more than 100 million users worldwide two months after its launch. In business, generative artificial intelligence also helps to revolutionize daily tasks in many areas: software (code) development, business and communication, support, design and creation, etc. While generative AI has rapidly gained support among the general public, its adoption in companies requires time and a framework, in particular to measure the risks of these new technologies.

“Surprising technologies and an excitement rarely seen in the history of technologies since November 2022… and we are only at the very beginning of a major disruption, the consequences of which are scarcely measurable today.” Faycal Boujemaa, Technology Strategist, Orange

Indeed, the question of AI and data, mainly derived from human production (texts, images, codes, videos, etc.) and which feeds search engines, raises significant ethical concerns. In particular, AI can produce imprecise results, reproduce bias, or fail to cite its sources. The introduction of awareness-raising measures (practical guides, training, etc.) in companies is therefore essential for informing all levels of the company about how generative AI works, dealing with the limitations of these models, and therefore helping employees with the proper use of these tools.

The Positive AI Community, a community for collective progress on Responsible AI

This webinar was also an opportunity to reiterate the commitments of the Positive AI initiative, which aims to offer members of the Association events devoted to artificial intelligence, innovations, and the challenges of AI ethics. In addition, this Community also intends to become a genuine resource center for sharing informative content and encouraging collective progress on the deployment of Responsible Artificial Intelligence within organizations. Other events will be scheduled soon!  

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