Positive AI at the Acsel 2023 Legal Club - [Replay]

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On 4 October, Positive AI took part in the 100% digital round table entitled "AI ACT: but how to regulate so much intelligence?", organised by the Legal Club of the Acsel numerical economy association. Philippe Streiff, General Delegate of Positive AI and Product Marketing Director of Smart Access at Orange, spoke in particular about the need to act and anticipate the European regulations on AI that will come into force by 2025.  

AI ACT: Businesses need help regulating their artificial intelligences

While the European Union is currently working on a framework for artificial intelligence (AI ACT), many companies are wondering how it will be implemented "on the ground". As a reminder, this legislation requires institutional and economic actors to make their artificial intelligence systems compliant by 2025 in order to guarantee better conditions for the development and use of this technology. 

Today, more than 80% of companies believe that responsible AI should be a priority within their organisation, according to a recent BCG study (2023). However, of these 80%, only 16% claim to have a mature Responsible AI programme in place. These figures show that "even if companies want to implement more ethical AI, they still need support," says Philippe Streiff.

Raising awareness at all levels of the organisation

On the other hand, there is an urgent need to get all business units on board and make them aware of the need for more responsible AI practices, so that they can learn together about these issues. This issue should therefore no longer only concern data scientists, but all levels of the organisation, such as legal and compliance departments, which will be key to driving change. 

Finally, beyond compliance, the integration of a responsible AI policy can have benefits for the organisation's image and employer brand: "Launching a responsible AI programme sends a positive signal to employees who share these values and are looking for meaning in their work," points out Philippe Streiff.

Isabelle Galy, Director of the Maison de l'Intelligence Artificielle, Elvire François, Government Affairs Manager at Microsoft, and Adrien Raynal and Jean-Etienne Molle, co-founders of Emersio, were also invited to share their thoughts and their respective experiences within their companies. 

Watch extracts from the conference replay "AI ACT: but how to regulate so much intelligence?"


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