Applying for the Positive AI label

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During 2023, companies will be able to apply for the Positive AI label to promote and make progress on implementing Responsible Artificial Intelligence within their organization.

Who can apply for the Positive AI label?

The Positive AI label is open to all organizations that manage and/or develop artificial intelligence systems, i.e. the creators of AI systems as well as the companies that use them. This label is intended for all companies that wish to voluntarily commit to an ethical AI approach, whatever their size, level of maturity and area of activity.

Why apply for the Positive AI label?

With the Positive AI label, companies can make improvements in Responsible Artificial Intelligence. The operational tools and framework provided will enable them to assess their level of maturity as regards ethical AI and identify practical levers for further progress. They will also benefit from discussions with the entire Positive AI community, for sharing best practices, difficulties, and questions on the subject.

Companies with Positive AI certification will be able to:

  • Make sure that their organization adheres to its own objectives and commitments on ethical issues;

  • Demonstrate their ability, both internally and externally, to build artificial intelligence systems in a responsible framework, and therefore send a positive employer brand message to current and future employees;

  • Guarantee to the general public that the artificial intelligence they manage and/or develop is responsible, and therefore increase their willingness to use AI in such a way as to have a positive impact on society.

The different levels to apply for

As the reference framework is currently being finalized, the first applicant companies can be audited in 2023.

Submitting your application

Do you want to commit to a Responsible AI approach with the help of the Positive AI label?

Get in touch! Applications will open in 2023; you will be the first to know.


FAQs – Applying for the Positive AI label

1) When will this label be up and running?

The Positive AI label is currently being finalized. As soon as this first stage of dry runs has been completed, the label will be accessible to all companies wishing to commit to a Responsible AI approach. The opening date for companies is scheduled for 2023 (date to come).

2) Which companies have Positive AI certification?

As yet, no company has acquired the Positive AI label, because it has not yet been finalized.

The Positive AI label gives companies access to operational tools and provides them with a framework for assessing their level of maturity as regards ethical AI. This way, they can identify practical levers for progress and showcase their approach, both internally and externally.

The Positive AI label can be obtained following an audit by an independent third party.

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